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The History Overview of Speakers

Speakers are one of the most commonly used device these days. Its being used in various electronic products. It is impossible to hear sound from any device without any speakers. They are the most important device to produce sound. Your washing machine which let you know with a beep sound uses speaker. Your door bell uses the speaker.  From telephones to loud speakers at concert all these devices needs speakers to produce sound. We could say it is not embedded in our society and life will be soundless without them and definitely they made our world a better place.

The first loudspeaker was invented by Johann Philip Reis in 1861 which reproduced clearer sound. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first telephone patented his first electric loud speaker as a part of his invention. Later on Ernst Siemens improved the technology of speakers in 1877.

In 1910, there was a revolution in the industry of speakers because most of companies tried to produce record players using compressed air loudspeakers but teter L.Jensen and Edwin Pridham. They changed the whole game of speakers. The name of company was Magnavox. This was the time when a major revolution was made in the speakers and these dynamic speakers were able to make more clearer and loud sound.

Later on, Moving Coil Principle was released by the Chester W Rice And Edward W. Kellogs in 1924. This system is the most recent one and still these days speakers are based on the same principle. There is not any advancement on the basic principle of these speaker.

These moving coil principle speakers are able to generate crystal clear sound and they are quite louder. If you want a louder sound you can go for larger ones. This principle is the soul of speakers till now and we could say they changed the lives of billions of people by introducing these speakers. We could surly say there is no product these days in your home without speakers.

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How to pick which Portable Bluetooth Speaker is best for you

same like other new tech gadgets, wireless speakers come with tons of confusing question. you need to be a tech geek to understand these complicated terms in order to select your wireless speaker. in this article, you will understand all the geeky terms and will be able to buy your new Bluetooth speaker on your own without the help of any friend or family member.

First of let’s start with what is available in the market. you can easily find wireless speakers from 100$ to 2000$ in the market. I know you are now worried after knowing the price range of these tiny boxes. let us comfort you by telling that you won’t need to spend tons of money to buy a good quality wireless speaker according to your personal needs. Yes, personal needs, these days there are speakers available for any kind of need, you will understand all this later in the article.

first of all what are things to consider before buying the wireless speakers. if you are looking for something portable that can be carried away anywhere with your self. then here is good news most of the wireless speakers available today are very portable and lightweight. First, you need to consider how much the box will give you charging time. let’s take an example if you are going outside on a picnic for friends. let’s take an example of a holiday on the weekend for living two nights in a tent. it should give you good charging time so you will get entertained until your trips last. most of the wireless speakers available can give you from 15 to 30+ hours of charging time. I think buying over 20 hours charging would be good enough. otherwise more is better if you are able to pay money for it or it is a very serious thing for you. these portable speakers can be easily charged with their chargers. most of come with an android charger. so you can use android mobile phone charger with your speakers too. and if anything gets worse, you can pay some bucks to buy a power bank. if you don’t know what is power bank. its a small charging box which needs to be charged and then it can be used to charge your other USB devices. I hope you get the idea if don’t please good about what is power bank :).


Next most important thing to consider is either your wireless speaker is water-proof and dust-proof. let’s take an example you are partying with your friends from college at the beach or near the pool. you are enjoying music with these portable speakers while enjoying the pool. you don’t want your wireless speaker to be thrown in the pool. and accidentally some of your friends comes and kicks it in the water. yes for that kind of accidents you will need water-proof wireless speakers. there are many speakers available which are water-resistant. some models out there can face a splash of water while some expensive ones can face a dive of water for a specific time. please read the specifications of the speaker before buying one to be sure if it’s going to cope with you or not. And if you are going to use these speakers near the beach be sure to buy one which is rugged. so it won’t get scratches from dust.

Most of the wireless speakers come with the connection of Bluetooth technology. there are older versions of Bluetooth which provides low data rate so you won’t be able to enjoy high-quality data. Please be sure to buy the portable speaker with the latest version available at the time of buying one.

there are many websites offering best products reviews available in the market, if you want to buy wireless speakers the best ones, go ahead and check this link for further information from our favorite site pollowers.

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