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There are different types of speaker available in the market these days. If you are the one looking for an audio solution you must educate yourself about which kind of speakers you will need for your particular needs. You should consider the power, sound quality, shape and many more features of speakers before choosing one. Not the type of speaker is important to consider while choosing, you should also research the specification of speakers before choosing. Lets let you know what kind of speakers are available in the market for you to buy and what are their uses.
Dynamic Speakers: They are normal speakers available in the market. We also call them passive speakers. They might have multiple woofer drivers along with them. They are used to produce low frequency sound.
Subwoofer: They are usually available in bigger size and used to create bass from the sound. This kind of speakers comes fitted with other normal speakers to enhance the bass of overall audio output. They are designed to create low frequency sound in order to fulfill bass needs in the market.
Horn Speakers: This kind of speakers are used to produce louder sound. They are specially designed for larger areas. They have degree of sensitivity. And they have larger amplifiers in order to produce louder sound. This kind of speakers can compromise the quality of sound output.
Electrostatic: If you are looking for crystal clear sound and don’t want to compromise on the sound quality then this type of speakers are for you. They are specially designed to produce the maximum quality of sound details. In most of cases such kind of speakers are used to produce high frequency sounds if you are looking for low frequency sound speakers we should warn you to stay away from this type of speakers.
Planar Magnetic: This kind of speakers comes with a thin metal ribbon. They are known for their long lasting. If you take good care of them they can last for years. And you wont need to replace them. This kind of speakers also provide high utility value too.
These were the technical types of speakers available in the market if you are looking for solution of your project consider researching more about the one type you are going to buy before making a decision. As having wrong type of speakers for your project might destruct your whole project as speakers are the main component of any audio project.

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