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Subwoofer is the same kind of normal speakers but they are very different how they work. The subwoofer speakers are specially designed to produce low frequency sound. Yes the big bass sound which you hear from your speakers is caused by the subwoofers. It does not matter where you place them because it actually produce vibrations that a human can hear.
A subwoofer is specially designed to play low pitch sound frequencies. Low frequency means that they have range from 20Hz to 200Hz. The more lower frequency speakers will be able to produce the more better it will be that’s the reason for consumer items its rated under 200Hz. And for specialized live sound for example in concerts standards are that the sound of subwoofers should be under 100Hz. And for THX approved audio systems less then 80Hz is approved.
These kind of speakers are important in an audio systems these days. An audio system is not complete without subwoofers. That’s the reason they are known as the king of speakers these days.
As hip hop music is trending in this decade. Every one is going after the best bass speakers for them. And they are popular for car drivers who fit their sub woofers in car trunk to enjoy bassy sound.
You can also find such kind of speakers in cinema theatres too. They are the speakers which makes a great sound of vibration whenever some building destroys or some plan hits the ground. This all music experience is generated by these subwoofers. If subwoofers were not invented you wont be able to experience such kind of amazing sounds in your movies.
Other than that now a days they are being embedded in simple earbuds of other kind of speakers too. So you can hear bass too along other sounds too.

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