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When it comes to the natural deodorant vs. antiperspirant debate, there are many pros and cons to consider. Some people prefer the natural deodorant because they believe it is healthier for them, while others find natural deodorants ineffective.

What Matters to You?

But what’s really important is that you should use whatever makes you feel comfortable. Regardless of which side you’re on, smelling fresh is always a priority!

Why should We Care about Smelling Fresh?

While deodorants and antiperspirant can be effective at masking the natural smell of sweat, there are many ways that you can stay fresh even if you don’t use any products. One way is to take a shower after a workout. Once you’ve showered and dried off, your pores will be closed up, which will help reduce the amount of sweat that’s on your body.

Additionally, exercising more often can make a big difference in how fresh you feel. Park benches are great places to nap on when it’s hot out!