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Brands that specialize in fragrances often have a wide range of scents. It is best to identify what type of fragrance you like so you can find the right one. Some people prefer lighter, citrus-based scents or they may prefer a more woodsy or musky scent. If you have a favorite celebrity’s perfume, see if they have a similar scent to enjoy.

Look at the Notes of the Fragrance

A perfume’s notes take into consideration the aromas, ingredients, and fragrance of a perfume. Not only is it important to know what you’re getting into with your perfume purchase, but it’s also essential to understand why certain notes are in the fragrance.

For instance, rose is often found in feminine scents because it embodies a lightness in nature and soaks up other scents around it. However, if you are looking for something more intense or masculine-leaning, patchouli would be a better choice than rose.

Know Your Fragrance Notes

Of course, this is just one example of how to choose your own perfect fragrance. Once you have an idea of what notes and types of scents appeal to you most, shop around for fragrances that fit those notes and find your new signature scent!