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Your body odor can be a big turn-off. Studies show that a majority of people find it unpleasant for a date to have a strong odor from their armpits, feet, or crotch area. While perfumes and colognes might seem like the quickest solution to masking odors, it might actually make things worse.

Strong fragrances can irritate your skin and cause you to sweat more. This will lead to an increase in body odor. Instead of trying to cover up the smell with artificial fragrances, try some of these natural ways to keep your underarms and feet feeling fresh all day long.

A Boost in Your Deodorant

Fabric softener and vinegar are great ways to make sure that your clothes smell good, but you can also use them in the wash cycle to give your clothes a dose of deodorant.

If you’re using a natural deodorant, it’s best not to add fabric softener or vinegar until after washing. This will prevent the scent from being absorbed into the fabric and giving a “fake” effect.

What if You’re Using Antiperspirant?

If you’re using an antiperspirant, be sure to add fabric softener or vinegar before adding your favorite deodorant; otherwise, it will get washed away with other detergent.