Gaming Headsets vs Headphones: Which is better?

Well, you are thinking hard about the exact CPU, video card and monitor combo to get so that your games will look exactly how you want them to it can be very easy to forget about how they will end up sounding.

But when you do remember Oh yeah I guess I need to get some speakers or headphones for my new rig. You might be hit with a flood of ads for gaming headsets promising detailed audio and precise directional sound so you can tell exactly where those gunshots are coming from. But what are those headsets really offering you that a more conventional set of headphones paired with a separate microphone wouldn’t.

Typically gaming headsets will be a package deal of sorts not only do you get the headphones and the attached microphone but often some kind of remote control for volume, different audio modes or even in-game settings, some kind of virtual surround functionality whether it be 5.1 or 7.1, noise isolation to help you shut out external sound when gaming and that all-important gamer aesthetic that some of you might into.

Often, gaming headsets seem like a good value because they offer lots of different functions in one box and appeal to people who just want a quick solution for all their gaming audio needs. They can just plug in and use and in that vein, many gaming headsets use a USB connection instead of two separate three and a half millimeter analog connections because they have their own built-in sound processing.

So they’ll work even if your sound card or integrated motherboard audio is broken. But if gaming headsets offer all these great features then why is it that many people prefer regular headphones with a separate mic instead. Well, it’s back to that convenience. With the convenience and all the cool features that are packed into that gaming headset comes a trade-off in terms of audio quality a lot of the time.

So the gaming headset manufacturers, it’s not that they don’t know how to make a good sounding product. It’s just that just for cost reasons, all the extra stuff they’re packing in is going to take away money they could have spent on making the headphones themselves beefier. So the thing to ask yourself is doing you even need the functions that you get with the gaming headset.

Bearing in mind that some of them can be replicated on regular headphones since much of what’s advertised is often done through software. For example, many of the headsets that advertise multi-channel surround actually achieve this entirely through some aural trickery because there are only actually two drivers in there.

So you can download software that gives you the same effect on whatever headphone you’re using. Not to mention that the headsets that use a USB connection cannot be used with a different DAC and AMP or sound card. So good luck trying to improve the sound quality with one of those. And then even if your headset does use a three and a half millimeter jack many are notorious for poorly constructed drivers and worst soundstage than many popular headphone models despite the fact that positional audio is a major selling point for gaming headsets.

But that isn’t to say that all gaming headsets are all bad. Some of them are actually well constructed and while they won’t give you the same performance and things like movies or music. Some manufacturers even admit this outright. This thing is tuned for gaming. You get the benefit of that easy all-in-one experience. So if the most film watching that you do is in cutscenes in between shooting people then a gaming headset may be for you after all.

With all of the different kinds of gaming headsets, there are available, it can be really easy to get swindled into paying too much for something that has a lot of useless features. This guide is going to help you sort through all of that and figure out the best gaming headset for you in your budget. We will start off by discussing stereo headsets. If you don’t care much for talking to other gamers and you don’t care about surround sound then a regular stereo headset is right up your alley.

What To Look When Buying Gaming Headsets?

There are a wide variety of stereo headsets that you can find varying from studio headphones to regular old CD players headphones even earbuds whatever you it’s all up to you the best thing to look when it comes to a stereo headset is your Hertz ratio. You want to know how high it can go, the highest mark you can get to is the best. You could judge that usually on a graph that is almost always provided on all of the packagings of stereo headsets. The higher the number the more sound that it will actually be able to produce for you and that means lower lows, higher highs and all-around a better sound experience and for a lot less money.

Studio headphones can prove to be very expensive and it sometimes may be best for you just to go ahead and buy an actual gaming headset because there could be studio headsets that actually range all the way up into 1300$ range. Most of us don’t have anywhere near that kind of money to spend on something so luxurious. So I recommend sticking around in the 50$ range and you can definitely find something that will suit your needs a couple of companies that you might want to check out are Shure, Sennheiser, Sony, AKG. These are all fantastic companies that make both regular stereo headsets and studio headsets so be sure to get on their websites check out what they have even get on EBAY and see if you can find a little older for a little less money.

When it comes to gaming headsets, these are the ones that you have to look out for useless features. Useless features are things that really don’t benefit you and they may make the headset a little bit more awkward to operate such as a lot of extra buttons and you can’t really tell the difference between buttons without taking the headset off or when it comes to wireless your microphone doesn’t sound as good as say a wired headset.

If you’re doing something like youtube or twitch and having a gaming channel or something along that kind of thing then you need to consider going ahead and getting a wired headset. Although the convenience of wireless is actually quite nice. It can’t affect your overall microphone quality and that’s definitely something that your viewers are gonna pay attention to with that you might wanna check out somethings like Plantronics or even turtle beach does have some wired gaming headsets for both Xbox and PC.

personally, though I find that turtle beach is one of the worst companies that have these added features that you don’t really need. Things like superhuman hearing. All superhuman hearing is the boost of the high EQ. It does nothing more than that and that’s honestly really not that important it doesn’t really give you an advantage at all. That’s all in your mind something that they’re implying is going to boost your gaming experience when really all it is your pain just a little bit of extra money for something that’s just not that helpful. Things like RGB lighting are also a useless feature while it might look really cool to somebody else in the room that your headset is pulsating blue and yellow and purple and white it doesn’t really give you any benefit whatsoever in your overall gaming experience. you’re never gonna see it the headphones are on your head you don’t have eyes that can see that so what’s the point that.  Really absolutely nothing other than personal customization and I do understand that something that a lot of people enjoy but that should not be a deal-breaker for when you’re buying a headset.

What you really wanna look for in your headset is how minimal are the controls on my headset and does it have 7.1 or is it stereo if it’s something that really matters to you to have surround sound this is the area where you’re really gonna find a lot of useless features a company that does avoid all of those useless features is a company called Plantronics. Not only do they avoid these useless features but they’re gaming headsets are actually built really well and they’re affordable so please I strongly suggest that you check them out before you check out anything else. Turtle beach included one thing that I really enjoy about Plantronics is that they like to use actual metal in the reinforcement of the headband to the ear cut.

Any gamer out there that has been playing for a long time will understand that eventually, your headset may break in that area so having reinforced metal is something really really nice and actually shouldn’t cost much now. It’ll really admit that the Plantronics companies headsets may look a little bulky and not really streamlined or slim but again it’s not something that you’re not gonna see and even if your viewers see it doesn’t make you look like an idiot. I find them actually be stylish but I also enjoy that old-time look personally. if you are still curious and want to explore models then you should look for the trustworthy website that actually tests all gaming headsets and produce guides. let me help you with the one that benefited me.

Now you should understand that all the gaming headsets that are specifically designed for your PC gaming are not going to work well with the console. You should probably look for the customized gaming headsets specifically designed to work on a gaming console.

I just purchased a 788 headset and a 7.1 – stereo if you want to switch between the two, it’s just a button on the front very easy to find it’s the only button that lights up you have your microphone on an off switch and you have your volume which these all are very easy to distinguish without taking them off your head that is something that I find to give you a better advantage because you don’t have to take off your headset and look to see what it is that you’re pushing which can be very annoying. Another thing to consider when it comes to wireless headsets is this something that the company is gonna carry support for a long time meaning are they going to be able to replace things if they stop working such as the wireless signal transceiver it is important to understand that. The following website helped me to decide the headset from a vast number of models available in the market. links are given below I hope they might help you, folks, too.  We recommend reading this guide to best ps4 headsets | Hip Digital Media and this guide to the best Xbox one headsets | Hip Digital Media. Both guides might help you before purchasing your next headset.

if you’re paying a lot of money for a gaming headset you want it to work for at least a few years preferably longer than two years but by then, of course, there will be new gaming headsets and if it’s something that you can always afford to buy new then that’s not really an issue for you but a lot of us gamers our there are on a budget and we don’t want to be paying another 120 dollars in another two years for another gaming headset this is just a few things to consider when it comes to buying a gaming headset but hopefully I’ve given you some ideas of what to look for and where to start looking.

What are the Sub-woofer Speakers And their uses

Subwoofer is the same kind of normal speakers but they are very different how they work. The subwoofer speakers are specially designed to produce low frequency sound. Yes the big bass sound which you hear from your speakers is caused by the subwoofers. It does not matter where you place them because it actually produce vibrations that a human can hear.
A subwoofer is specially designed to play low pitch sound frequencies. Low frequency means that they have range from 20Hz to 200Hz. The more lower frequency speakers will be able to produce the more better it will be that’s the reason for consumer items its rated under 200Hz. And for specialized live sound for example in concerts standards are that the sound of subwoofers should be under 100Hz. And for THX approved audio systems less then 80Hz is approved.
These kind of speakers are important in an audio systems these days. An audio system is not complete without subwoofers. That’s the reason they are known as the king of speakers these days.
As hip hop music is trending in this decade. Every one is going after the best bass speakers for them. And they are popular for car drivers who fit their sub woofers in car trunk to enjoy bassy sound.
You can also find such kind of speakers in cinema theatres too. They are the speakers which makes a great sound of vibration whenever some building destroys or some plan hits the ground. This all music experience is generated by these subwoofers. If subwoofers were not invented you wont be able to experience such kind of amazing sounds in your movies.
Other than that now a days they are being embedded in simple earbuds of other kind of speakers too. So you can hear bass too along other sounds too.

Technical Types of Speakers

There are different types of speaker available in the market these days. If you are the one looking for an audio solution you must educate yourself about which kind of speakers you will need for your particular needs. You should consider the power, sound quality, shape and many more features of speakers before choosing one. Not the type of speaker is important to consider while choosing, you should also research the specification of speakers before choosing. Lets let you know what kind of speakers are available in the market for you to buy and what are their uses.
Dynamic Speakers: They are normal speakers available in the market. We also call them passive speakers. They might have multiple woofer drivers along with them. They are used to produce low frequency sound.
Subwoofer: They are usually available in bigger size and used to create bass from the sound. This kind of speakers comes fitted with other normal speakers to enhance the bass of overall audio output. They are designed to create low frequency sound in order to fulfill bass needs in the market.
Horn Speakers: This kind of speakers are used to produce louder sound. They are specially designed for larger areas. They have degree of sensitivity. And they have larger amplifiers in order to produce louder sound. This kind of speakers can compromise the quality of sound output.
Electrostatic: If you are looking for crystal clear sound and don’t want to compromise on the sound quality then this type of speakers are for you. They are specially designed to produce the maximum quality of sound details. In most of cases such kind of speakers are used to produce high frequency sounds if you are looking for low frequency sound speakers we should warn you to stay away from this type of speakers.
Planar Magnetic: This kind of speakers comes with a thin metal ribbon. They are known for their long lasting. If you take good care of them they can last for years. And you wont need to replace them. This kind of speakers also provide high utility value too.
These were the technical types of speakers available in the market if you are looking for solution of your project consider researching more about the one type you are going to buy before making a decision. As having wrong type of speakers for your project might destruct your whole project as speakers are the main component of any audio project.

How Does Speaker Work?

Speakers come in many shapes and sizes based on their needs. For the mobile phone there are smaller micro level speaker which are designed to produce clearer sound while bigger speakers are used where you need louder size for example in your home audio system. These days there are various kinds too. Like to produce bass sound you will need woofers. But all of them are based on same physics rules. The main function of speakers is to convert electronic signals into sound waves same as we produce sound while speaking. Or any other thing making a sound. Actually it produces soundwaves which strike over our eardrums and we are able to understand those sound waves.
Every speaker contains an electromagnet which converts electrical signal to audible sound. There is a metal coil inside speakers where actually current flows and it creates current in the coil flips the poles of magnet.
And electromagnet can be found in front of permanent magnet. The permanent magnet is firmly placed in its position and it does not move while electromagnet is mobile and it vibrates on based of its electronic signals.
When current flows through it the electromagnet changes its position or in other words it starts other words, it sometimes goes closer to the permanent magnet while sometimes it repelles from it according to electronic signals. This process happens in the matter of miliseconds.
The electronic magnet is than attached to a cone which is made with different kind of stuff according to need of the speaker. Sometimes it is made of paper and sometime it is made of plastic. But the main purpose of this cone is same. It amplifies the vibration of electromagnet which moves. So the cone does also vibrate with electronic magnet based on the electronic signal pulses. This cone then produces sound waves into air which strike towards your ears and sound is produced.
So inside a speaker there are three important things. First one is permanent magnet which actually does not move. And top of it is electromagnet which moves according to current pulses and the 3rd thing in speaker is its cone attached to electromagnet which amplifies the vibration of electromagnet to produce louder sound.
Microphone also uses the same principle but its inverse. Even you can use your earphones speakers as microphones.
These days to produce great quality sound, good speakers has different kind of cones embedded on one speaker to produce better, more quality and clearer sound.

The History Overview of Speakers

Speakers are one of the most commonly used device these days. Its being used in various electronic products. It is impossible to hear sound from any device without any speakers. They are the most important device to produce sound. Your washing machine which let you know with a beep sound uses speaker. Your door bell uses the speaker.  From telephones to loud speakers at concert all these devices needs speakers to produce sound. We could say it is not embedded in our society and life will be soundless without them and definitely they made our world a better place.

The first loudspeaker was invented by Johann Philip Reis in 1861 which reproduced clearer sound. In 1876, Alexander Graham Bell who invented the first telephone patented his first electric loud speaker as a part of his invention. Later on Ernst Siemens improved the technology of speakers in 1877.

In 1910, there was a revolution in the industry of speakers because most of companies tried to produce record players using compressed air loudspeakers but teter L.Jensen and Edwin Pridham. They changed the whole game of speakers. The name of company was Magnavox. This was the time when a major revolution was made in the speakers and these dynamic speakers were able to make more clearer and loud sound.

Later on, Moving Coil Principle was released by the Chester W Rice And Edward W. Kellogs in 1924. This system is the most recent one and still these days speakers are based on the same principle. There is not any advancement on the basic principle of these speaker.

These moving coil principle speakers are able to generate crystal clear sound and they are quite louder. If you want a louder sound you can go for larger ones. This principle is the soul of speakers till now and we could say they changed the lives of billions of people by introducing these speakers. We could surly say there is no product these days in your home without speakers.

How to pick which Portable Bluetooth Speaker is best for you

same like other new tech gadgets, wireless speakers come with tons of confusing question. you need to be a tech geek to understand these complicated terms in order to select your wireless speaker. in this article, you will understand all the geeky terms and will be able to buy your new best Bluetooth speakers on your own without the help of any friend or family member.

First of let’s start with what is available in the market. you can easily find wireless speakers from 100$ to 2000$ in the market. I know you are now worried after knowing the price range of these tiny boxes. let us comfort you by telling that you won’t need to spend tons of money to buy a good quality wireless speaker according to your personal needs. Yes, personal needs, these days there are speakers available for any kind of need, you will understand all this later in the article.

first of all what are things to consider before buying the wireless speakers. if you are looking for something portable that can be carried away anywhere with your self. then here is good news most of the wireless speakers available today are very portable and lightweight. First, you need to consider how much the box will give you charging time. let’s take an example if you are going outside on a picnic for friends. let’s take an example of a holiday on the weekend for living two nights in a tent. it should give you good charging time so you will get entertained until your trips last. most of the wireless speakers available can give you from 15 to 30+ hours of charging time. I think buying over 20 hours charging would be good enough. otherwise more is better if you are able to pay money for it or it is a very serious thing for you. these portable speakers can be easily charged with their chargers. most of come with an android charger. so you can use android mobile phone charger with your speakers too. and if anything gets worse, you can pay some bucks to buy a power bank. if you don’t know what is power bank. its a small charging box which needs to be charged and then it can be used to charge your other USB devices. I hope you get the idea if don’t please good about what is power bank :).

Next most important thing to consider is either your wireless speaker is water-proof and dust-proof. let’s take an example you are partying with your friends from college at the beach or near the pool. you are enjoying music with these portable speakers while enjoying the pool. you don’t want your wireless speaker to be thrown in the pool. and accidentally some of your friends comes and kicks it in the water. yes for that kind of accidents you will need water-proof wireless speakers. there are many speakers available which are water-resistant. some models out there can face a splash of water while some expensive ones can face a dive of water for a specific time. please read the specifications of the speaker before buying one to be sure if it’s going to cope with you or not. And if you are going to use these speakers near the beach be sure to buy one which is rugged. so it won’t get scratches from dust.

Most of the wireless speakers come with the connection of Bluetooth technology. there are older versions of Bluetooth which provides low data rate so you won’t be able to enjoy high-quality data. Please be sure to buy the portable speaker with the latest version available at the time of buying one.