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Skin care has been a major issue for men for centuries. The major issue is that it has never been given the importance it deserves. It’s important to know that men have different skin than women, so being able to find the best products for them is essential.

How to Exfoliate?

Exfoliation is an important part of a skin care routine because it removes the dead layer of cells and helps to unclog pores. It’s also important for keeping your skin clear.

If you’re tired of using products that don’t work, try exfoliating with sugar. Sugar is a natural exfoliate that will help remove dead cells and improve your skin’s appearance.

Sugar as Natural Exfoliation

Here are some ways to use sugar for exfoliation:

  • Create a paste with coconut oil, honey, and a little bit of water or milk
  • Mix together one tablespoon each of olive oil and coconut oil
  • Apply it with a dry brush
  • Add raw sugar to your bath water
  • Use white sugar on your face or body