Comprehending the Connection Between Physical and Ear Health

Ear health information website Hyman Hearing offers a trove of valuable information about ear health, and the ideal conditions in which to maintain the auditory parts. That way, every part will function properly, with lower risks of becoming weak and damaged by natural wear and tear.

Ear health experts say that people gradually lose their hearing ability by age 75 or beyond.That being the case, we should devote serious effort and attention in maintaining physical well being. Since studies show that there is a strong and direct connection between physical health and ear health, the supplements we take must also meet the nutrients needed by the auditory parts.

Parts of the Auditory System

There are four parts of the auditory system, namely the Outer Ear, the Tympanic Membrane, the Middle Ear or the Tynpanic Cavity and the Inner Ear , the
The auditory system processes the sound waves within the environment the moment they enter the external or outer ear pass through the external ear, pass through the tympanic membrane (eardrum) and tympanic cavity (middle ear) toward the cochlear in the inner ear. The latter assumes the role of transmitting the sound waves with the help of the cochlear fluid that interprets and sends the sound waves to the different regions of the brain. However, a hearing fidorder happens if the auditory system is unable to process the sound waves properly due to any of the following reasons:

Passage through the outer ear is blocked by a buildup of earwax or an unidentified object that a child placed in his or her ear. In such cases, the hearing disability could be temporary because an otolaryngologist can simply remove the blockage. Not unless the unidentified foreign object has attached itself to the tympanic membrane. An expert otolaryngologist will examine the ear parts to determine the extent of damage caused by the foreign object to the eardrum.
A strong force or blow , or if the foreign objects damaged the cochlear and its extracellular fluids in fhe inner ear,

About Tinnitus : The Most Common Ear Disorder

Tinnitus is the most common of all hearing disorders, which is also the likeliest to lead to hearing loss. It’s
a condition in which parts of the ear, especially the cochlear, gets damaged by the impact of loud sounds or noises produced by industrial machinery, sound systems, air traffic, earphones or headphones.

Constant and long periods of exposure to loud sounds or noises can weaken the auditory parts even before a person has not yet officially reached the aging stage. Aside from supplementing one’s body with vitamins and minerals that can strengthen the auditory parts, it’s also important to wear proper ear protection when necessary.