Diet Trends to Watch This 2022

Our hand-picked list of the top 2022 diet trends. The themes included in this research on today’s developing diet ideas been selected because of their rapid development on sites such as TikTok, Google, Instagram,  Twitter, Reddit, Amazon and YouTube. Learn more about how we monitor global trends.





Plenitude’s Rise

Plenity is one of the fastest-growing weight reduction aids because, despite its pill-like appearance, the business behind it was able to have it categorized as a medical device rather than a medicine.

The FDA clearance procedure for medical devices provides approval when a device demonstrates equal functionality to an existing treatment, which is a considerably cheaper and faster option than the often-billion-dollar expenditure of a complete clinical study.

Plenity is a diet medication that makes consumers feel satisfied. It was authorized when the FDA determined that it performed the same purpose as gastric bypass surgery.


Weight Gain Possibility

There is a supply and demand mismatch, and hence a market opportunity, in the business of assisting people in reaching their optimum weight; however, this is not the case with weight reduction. In reality, Google searches for “how to lose weight” outnumber those for “how to gain weight” by just a factor of six. The losing weight sector, on the other hand, is significantly more saturated and competitive than the weight gain industry: there are about 3,000percent more applications for losing weight than for gaining it.