How E-Cigarettes Can Help Quit Smoking



Everyone knows that smoking is harmful, yet about 28% of the German population smokes regularly. Many people do this quite consciously, e.g. for reasons of enjoyment or for relaxation. But there are also a large number of smokers who would rather quit smoking today than tomorrow. Right now, at the turn of the year, millions of people will again decide to quit smoking.

If you are one of them, we at Zedaco would like to give you five tips on how to quit smoking. And we show why it might not be a bad idea to switch to an e-cigarette first before planning the radical complete exit.

What happens in the body when you quit smoking?

First of all, you have to honestly state that smoking cessation means stress for the body. The brain produces less adrenaline and serotonin, which initially lowers mood. The good news: After a few days, the worst is over and the benefits clearly outweigh. Let’s take a look at smoking cessation in detail.

Why are the first few days the most difficult?

In general, it is said that the first three days after the last cigarette are the most difficult. The reason: During this time, there are still remnants of nicotine in the body. And since the body is usually used to a certain nicotine level, it is now sounding the alarm. This can manifest itself in the form of nervousness, headaches, sleep disorders, or generally bad mood. Since nicotine dampens the feeling of hunger, some smokers also develop an increased appetite during this time.

The body begins to relax

With the lowering of the nicotine level, however, the body begins to recover in the first few days. The bronchi can slowly relax and the heart-cycle system settles down to lower blood pressure. The body is better supplied with oxygen again. Also, many areas of the body that were previously anesthetized by nicotine can now slowly come down and become more sensitive again.

When has the body completely recovered from smoking?

After about six weeks, ex-smokers feel less stressed, and no longer anxious or depressed. It is said that the risk of heart attack has reached the level of a non-smoker again after two to five years. After five years, the risk of oral, pharyngeal, and esophageal cancer is also reduced by half. After 10 to 15 years, most of the long-term consequences of smoking have disappeared.

What is the best way to stop smoking?

Everyone has to find the right way for themselves to quit smoking. Here are a few tips that generally work well.

Tip 1: Adjust the right time

They should not stop smoking when they have a particularly stressful phase or many things around their ears. The best way to start is when “everything is running smoothly” and you have energy and strength.

Tip 2: Don’t delay for long

A cigarette is still possible… This week is exhausting right now, so I’ll wait a few more days… That’s not going to happen. Once you have made the decision to leave, you should put it into practice consistently.

Tip 3: Create substitute satisfactions

If we stress our body through withdrawal, we should reward ourselves for it elsewhere in return. What do you enjoy? Treat yourself to good food, go to the cinema or buy something beautiful. Keep in mind that you will save a lot of money in the future, so treat yourself to something.

Tip 4: Get out slowly

For those who shy away from the radical step of complete withdrawal, our e-cigarette tip is something for you: With an e-cigarette, you can slowly wean yourself. As a result, the withdrawal symptoms are not so severe and you can slowly get out.

Tip 5: Do sports

Regular exercise and sports make you happy! Through physical activity, the body releases happiness hormones. This not only counteracts the low mood of weaning but also helps to prevent any extra pounds from occurring in the first place.


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How can an e-cigarette or tobacco heater help you get out?

E-cigarettes and tobacco heaters are two completely different product categories that also work very differently. But both have one thing in common: Even if they are definitely not healthy (!), they contain significantly fewer pollutants than burnt tobacco (whether in cigarettes or pipes). E-cigarettes also offer the advantage that the liquids used can gradually reduce the nicotine content and thus slowly wean the body.

Research suggests that e-cigarettes can be used to quit smoking. An English study found that e-cigarette smokers are significantly more likely to quit smoking than smokers who use nicotine patches to quit.

Which e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters do we recommend if you want to quit smoking?

The selection of e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters is generally large, of course. However, we have picked out a few products for you that are particularly suitable for smoking cessation.

Tobacco heaters

With the tobacco heaters, the selection is not very large, but we can highly recommend both products. On the one hand, there is the IQOS from Philip Morris and the GLO from British American Tobacco. Both systems work with real tobacco sticks, which, however, are not burned, but only heated, which releases significantly fewer pollutants than a classic cigarette.


Pod systems are particularly easy to use. Here, the liquid in the form of small capsules (pods) is simply put into the e-cigarette and you are ready to go. The pods are available in a wide variety of flavors and also in different nicotine strengths.

Larger e-cigarette systems usually consist of several parts, such as a vaporizer and a battery. Here, too, there is a huge selection of liquids. We have created two categories especially for you, in which you will find liquids with little nicotine and liquids without nicotine. These are ideal for quitting smoking.


If you want to quit smoking, you should consistently put your resolution into practice. The advantages far outweigh the short-term disadvantages during “withdrawal”. E-cigarettes can make the way to becoming a non-smoker a little easier. Even though e-cigarettes and tobacco heaters are anything but healthy, they have significantly fewer pollutants than classic cigarettes. And if you stick to our five tips, you will definitely make the exit!