Issues in Public Health in 2022

        Issues in Public Health in 2022

Health is characterized by the absence of illness in the body system, whereas wellness is described as an overall system of a human’s physical, economic, divine, personal, mental, physical, and work – related well-being.

Public Health Threats in 2022

Healthcare Access and Outcome Disparities

Several people in the United States and all over the world, especially those from marginalized people, continue to be denied access to good health care for a number of reasons. The United States cites the greater cost of health care, an absence of (or inadequate) medical insurance, a shortage of services, and a sudden loss of culturally appropriate care. This issue is made worse by the Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (ODPHP).


Social Exclusion

According to a latest Cigna National Study, social isolation and loneliness are now a major cause for concern. Roughly half of survey participants described experiencing lonely at times or all of the time, and roughly 40% reported that their connections are not as important as they would like them to be.


Trauma and Violence

Since 2012 deadly shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, there have been over 2,312 mass killings in the United States. Such mass shootings include a number of violent crimes that already have impacted human safety, including murder, sexual or physical assault, and child molestation.