Natural Ways To Increase Your Libido

If the desire for sex decreases more and more, there can be various reasons but not all of them are obvious.

Sometimes love life is bewitched. No matter what you try and how hard you try, the desire for sex just doesn’t really want to come up. Using sexual enhancers such as kamagra and eating libido-enhancing foods can improve your desire for sex.

Tips to increase your libido naturally

Replace hormonal contraceptives

Of course, each couple has to decide for themselves which contraceptive is the right one. However, it has been scientifically proven that hormonal methods such as pills can upset the hormonal balance of women.

Anyone who has the feeling that a hormonal contraceptive has torpedoed the hormonal balance and thus the libido could first try whether there is an improvement after stopping.

However, this requires patience, because it can take some time for the hormone balance to be balanced again.


Eat libido-enhancing foods

Dark chocolate has been a classic among culinary pleasure-makers for years. The high cocoa content promotes the release of phenylethylamine and serotonin.

Whether the lust-enhancing effect in the case of dark chocolate is actually physical and not psychological in nature cannot be proven with certainty. The exact reasons behind it are not that important either, as long as you have the feeling that it works.

There are other foods that are said to increase libido. These include fruits, vegetables, and spices.

Learn to love your own body

It’s difficult to let yourself go to bed when you can’t stand your own body and don’t feel comfortable naked at all.

Feeling sexy and desirable is a real motor for a fulfilling sex life and also for the development of lust.

What can help is the realization that everybody is unique and different. Not everyone looks like the bikini babes and muscle men you are confronted with every day on social networks, among other things.

If you continue to feel uncomfortable after trying to accept yourself, you should try to address the problem as best you can.

Do sports

Sport is not only recommended for reasons of self-love when there is a lack of libido.  Sport can also help to reduce stress which in turn is often responsible for the lack of desire.

In addition, lack of exercise causes blood circulation to slow down. This is fatal because it is extremely important for arousal and sexual stimulation. Ultimately, satisfaction depends on it.