Season’s Change – Protect Your Mental Health

Did you know that natural medicine systems like Ayurveda and Conventional Chinese Medicine depend on their whole knowledge of health on seasonal differences? According to these traditions, different seasons include a series of rhythms and rituals.

After two years of the pandemic, it’s time to accept that things will never be the same again and to develop new policies that focus on mental and physical health in and out of the workplace. Seasons change for a reason all around us, and you may follow suit with these five ideas.

Evaluate Yourself

Recognizing your feelings can help you feel less overwhelmed. Take some time to process your feelings in any other way that suits you best. Use the abbreviation S.T.O.P. if you’re having trouble identifying how you’re feeling.

  • Stop for a while
  • Take a deep breath
  • Observe your emotions
  • Proceed to do things that will support you

Appreciate the Things You’ve Lost

Consider how you may honor a loved one in the new season if you’re missing them. If you’ve missed schooling or lost your job, take some time to think about the difficulties you’ve faced and what you’ve learned.

Make Gratitude a Habit

Be aware to do an effort to identify some things for which you are grateful regularly. It could be as wide as your health or employment situation, or as specific as your favorite music on the radio when you arrive in the car.

Gratitude has been linked to reduced melancholy and anxiety, as well as a variety of mental and physical advantages such as better sleep, mood, and immunity. That’s how to live a healthy life.