The Weight-Loss Benefits of Green Tea

Green Tea


Do you want to lose weight and therefore drink all kinds of special drinks? Don’t chase yourself on costs! Green tea also supports weight loss! For example, Tea Burn, which is green tea in powder supplement form, accelerates metabolism. The faster the metabolism, the more energy you burn and the faster you lose weight. That is why

In addition, the tea has a calming effect. When you experience stress, more cortisol is produced in the body. This is a stress hormone. This hormone ensures that energy is released from your cells that stores itself somewhere else in the body, such as fat. By avoiding stress you counteract this!

Just like with water, green tea (which is of course just hot water) ensures that you are saturated faster Ginger tea also works very well by the way. By drinking a lot of water during the day, you not only cleanse your body but also reduce the feeling of hunger. As a result, you are less likely to sniff or snack and you will therefore gain weight less quickly than if you did. If you are a bit hungry, then a green tea smoothie is a wise choice.

How much green tea per day?

In addition to theine, green tea contains caffeine. This occurs naturally in this. In principle, this is not dangerous, provided you take it in ‘normal’ quantities. With everything that ‘too’ stands for, you have to think carefully. Just like with green tea! If you take too much theine and caffeine, you no longer benefit from the health benefits.

But what is the limit? The limit is on average a maximum of 10 cups per day. And that’s quite a lot! But about 4 cups of tea a day, research shows to have the most health benefits. Do you drink the tea sugar-free? Tea without sugar is the healthiest for your body and energy level.

Organic tea is free of pesticides. In addition, organic tea (often the more expensive tea from real specialty stores) has a better taste than the somewhat cheaper version from the supermarket. So this is purely a matter of taste!

In the supermarket, you will also find packs of drinks with Green Tea on them (such as ice tea). But often a lot of sugars and unnecessary e-numbers are added to this. So don’t take it!


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Are there any disadvantages or risks to green tea?

As we wrote earlier, there is a limit to the amount you can drink daily. One of the disadvantages of green tea is that it contains tannin. If you drink too much, you run the risk that you can no longer absorb iron from plant foods properly.

If you have an autoimmune disease, it is better not to drink it at all. Green tea supports a healthy body. A body that suffers from a virus, asthma, or allergy is worked against by just.

Conclusion: Is green tea healthy?

Okay, we have to admit that we are very complimentary! Secretly we think it is a superfood. But you shouldn’t see it as a panacea that can cure cancer, solve diabetes and never catch a cold again…

With green tea alone you are not there. We sincerely believe that it is healthy for the body. But do you drink your 4 cups a day and do you also eat a nice Big Mac on the couch? Then we, unfortunately, have to disappoint you. It only ‘works’ if you live a healthy life.

The health benefits only come into their own if you also eat healthily and exercise enough. Eat varied (lots of vegetables, proteins, unsaturated fats), exercise regularly (strength training, cardio, or both), get enough sleep, and follow a low-carbohydrate diet, for example. Only then can this Oriental delicacy contribute to a healthy body and life.