Focusing on the Need to Address Obesity Before Old Age

The unhealthy effects of excessive weight on the conditions of an obese body have drawn attention as threats to physical wellbeing, especially in older people. In line with the forthcoming commemoration in May, of the Mental Health Awareness Month and the Older Americans Month, the National Council on Aging (NCOA) plans to steer focus on the need to address the detrimental effects of excessive weight on the mental health of aging adults living with obesity.

Excess weight as everyone knows by now can increase risks of developing heart issues, type 2 diabetes or osteoarthritis. All or any of these also pose threats to mental and emotional health of older adults, once they experience the physical distresses caused by obesity.

This is why the NCOA wants to raise awareness on how obesity during old age can also cause distress. The mental health problems that will most likely be experienced is depression, over the additional pain and discomfort brought on by the excess weight.

Nowadays, many people choose to lose weight for the simple reason of needing to find relief for joint pains that cause severe discomfort affecting quality of life.

Obesity and Old Age Adversely Impact Quality of Life

Obese men and women who already face medical problems caused by the significant extra weight they carry, need to lose weight as early as possible. They should bear in mind that the severity and frequency of the chronic ailments will further impair their ability to function physically once the effects of old age set in.

Instead of spending their retirement years doing the things they had looked forward to doing, the resulting ailments and the excess weight could lead to social isolation. Physically, they will be unable to live independently, whilst limit traveling as well as engaging in fun activities; lest the pain and discomfort becomes unbearable or unmanageable on one’s own.

Physiological Issues that Can Negatively Affect Mental Health

Research studies revealed that among the effects of excess body fat is heightened inflammatory conditions, which in turn affect the immune system. A weak immune system will increase the susceptibility to obesity-related health problems that naturally cause mental stress if not addressed effectively,

The point being driven at here is that obesity is a condition that can be reversed, while the effects of old age can only be delayed with the help of external elements. While many have tried different diets and weight loss supplements, products have come and gone without producing permanent effects .

Actually there is a new weight loss product called Exipure, which comes with a promise of guaranteed results within 180 days. The pill has high potentials to address the physiological issues caused by excess fat because its focus is on the adipose tissues containing both brown and white fat.

The Exipure website provides explanation on how the formulation works to naturally reduce weight by dealing directly with the adipose tissues that create high levels of body mass. The Geeks Health website augments the information with a review that would lend support to claims that Exipure really works.